Harp ensemble music project – Year 2017/18

Harp ensemble music project for all students from the 4th grade up (bachelor)

Paola Devoti – harpist, composer, creative artist – is the mind behind this project, already taken to Universities and Music Academies.

Year 2017/18
Prof.ssa Ester Gattoni harp class.
Conservatorio di Musica G. Verdi di Como

This project goes beyond the concept of simple lessons of ensemble music. It wants to give a more complete picture of what an instrumental musician should learn to do at the end of the scholastic path:

• playing together following the conductor as an orchestra experience

• facing a new original and innovative repertoire

• making your voice heard, even in homogeneous and numerous ensembles

• learning how to arrange or improvise songs for the desired ensembles

• improving technique of legato and detached, preparation, cleanliness and sound quality, use of the pedals