Choral Music

Choral Music Project


…so many voices, so many sounds, without a single verb, without silence… the sound of a harp will speak a new language and its harmony will resonate in the next world


The “Choral Music Project” is aimed at all pupils attending primary and secondary schools.


Here is a passage extracted from the Christmas Concert 2009 held at the Municipal Theater of Piacenza.


In 2013 a concert was held at the Palazzo Gotico in Piacenza with Verdi’s famous opera arias: “…On the golden age… The children meet Verdi”


Here is another excerpt from the concert: from Rigoletto: “Zitti..zitti”



To build and reinforce continuity between elementary and middle schools through the participation and integration of the students, who rehearse and perform in the same chorus.


• To spur curiosity and interest in the world of music
• To offer stimulus for bringing children closer to music, and for learning about music as a fun and interesting activity, and at the same time facilitating interaction among the classes through the universal language of Music
• To bring students closer to the practice of Musical Notation in a fun and interesting way, through the use of multi media audio techniques and group activities.


• Meetings/Rehearsals in parallel classes to learn and practice melodies and passages using Audio/CD techniques during available school hours
• Preparation of a Christmas Concert and Final Performance of the parallel classes
• The Repertoire will include one Selection entitles “Il latte di Maria” (lyrics by R. Piumini, music by G.Cataldo, arrangement by P. Devoti), while the Final Performance can include two other Selections entitled “Chissà se nelle grandi terre bianche…” and “Ciao Rossini”. The number of the aforementioned Selections can vary according to the classes, due to mixed age groups.

Number and duration of lessons

• The time necessary for completing this project is approximately 20-25 hours for preparing the Christmas Concert and the Selection “Il latte di Maria”, and the final performance, which could also include, for example, “Chissà se nelle grandi terre bianche…”
• It is preferable that each parallel class group can meet at least once a week
• Times and days will be agreed upon with the Direction.

Media and instruments used

• Multi media/CD audio support with Instrumental Base of the Orchestra and a recorded Chorus Melody provided by me
• CD player and hi-fi amplifiers, or portable CD player provided by the school
• Photocopies of lyrics and/or music provided by the school.