I offer thanks for the gift of passion for this art form. For those who choose to fully experience this profession, the sacrifices are many, but the inner power that it offers in certain moments makes us feel as if we truly know ourselves only when we are playing and communicating with the audience, as if we suddenly know how to speak all the languages of the world united into one: MUSIC. I offer the audience my ability to transmit emotions through this universal language, which allows to express myself before one person, one hundred or one thousand people. My versatility, born from my experience and approaches to various musical genres, makes me suitable for diverse types of events and locations: concerts or performances as a soloist or with chamber music groups in theaters, auditoriums, festivals, churches, private parties and conventions, with a repertoire that goes from classical to easy listening music, with all types of instruments and vocals. In addition to being an eclectic concert harpist and musical director, I also work as a teacher, creating personalized educational projects designed to introduce choral music in elementary and middle schoolsPaola Devoti


“…so many voices, so many sounds, without a single verb, without silence…
the sound of a harp will speak a new language and its harmony will resonate in the next world”


CoLab at Trinity Laban College of Music and Dance – London